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Infant care

Infant care

(3 months to 1 year) In this program, infants adhere to their own individual schedule. We also nurture them with Touch and feel books and developmental toys Strictly no screen time Flexibility for working moms to breastfeed at the centre

Toddler Care

Toddler Care

(1 to 2.5 years) Introduction to communication and multi-languages. Potty Training Music in daily schedule Story telling Nurture with toys and educational CDs Limited controlled screen time for Rhymes



(2.5 years to 4 years) Learning to read and write in English and Malayalam Learning elementary maths Light music and Carnatic music lessons Introduction to art Yoga Classes Story telling Limited controlled screen time for cartoons and educational CDs

KG & After School

KG & After School

(3.5 years and above) KinderGarten from 9.30 AM to 3.30 PM After school From 2 PM till 6.30 PM on weekdays and 8.45 AM till 6.30 PM on Saturdays International Syllabus Multimedia learning aid Workbook Activities Music lessons Yoga classes Art and Crafts



( 4 years and above) Board Games Chess and Quiz sessions Story reading and Creative writing Story Telling Light music and carnatic music lessons Yoga classes Limited and controlled Cartoon Time


Why KidzCastle?


  • Run by a reputed family with guidance from schools and child care centres around the world

  • Entire facility under CCTV surveillance for better security

  • Fully air-conditioned facility to protect your precious ones from extreme temperatures.

  • Every toy, furniture has been scientifically chosen with safety and health of your kind in mind.

    • Interactive toys to aid development at various stages of growth

    • Legos, puzzles, educational CDs to ignite the genius in every kid

    • Scientifically proven craft activities for the preschool program

    • Cloth cradle for infants and babies to aid their healthy development

  • Provide freshly cooked food for your child at no additional cost

  • Kindergarten syllabus following international standards, learning made fun through multiledia learning aids and workbooks

  • Weekly two music lessons (Light Music and Carnatic music) from a well trained music teacher at no additional cost

  • Weekly twice Yoga Class from a well trained and experienced Yoga Practitioner

  • Flexible timings and schedule according to your needs

  • Customised academic programs and daily schedule catering to your child's needs

  • A huge outdoor play area where your kids will learn to appreciate and enjoy nature in a hygienic and safe environment

  • Products in Play area with EN71 child safety certification  and ASTM Certification.

  • Well trained nannies and teachers

  • Open communication about your child's development and academic/non-academic progress

  • Located in the heart of the city, near bakery junction Trivandrum, close to a lot of offices, institutions and residences, but in a quite residential area away from pollution

  • Strict Child to teacher/nanny ratio for each program

  • 2 day Free Trial before you pay any fees


Unique services offered


  • Caring and nurturing infants as old as 3 months

  • Provide facility for moms of infants to breastfeed their little ones once during the day

  • Parent checkin allowed any time of the day 

  • After school care program for kids upto 12 years

    • ​We ensure that your kid makes best use of his/her after school program not just to play but also in completing her homework

  • Vacation and Weekend program for school going kids

  • For toddlers, provide potty training

  • Customised Food plan for every child

    • Catering to any special food habits and parental choices

    • Guide parents on the best food to provide your kid at various developmental stages of growth.

    • Regular updates to parents on the diet

  • Provide freshly cooked food to your child provided raw materials for the same are given to us. This service provided at no added cost

  • Age appropriate board games, Chess and Quiz preparation, Creative writing, Story telling and Story reading for the school goers.

  • Weekly two 30 minute music lessons (Light music and Carnatic music) from a well trained music teacher

  • Weekly two 30 minute yoga class from a well trained yoga practitioner

  • Maintain a healthy kid-caretaker ratio with special emphasis on infants (5:1) and for older kids not exceeding 10:1

  • Committed to provide adequately qualified faculty and caretakers for every child based on age group.

    • Trained faculties and caretakers to ensure the same quality of care to all kids.

  • Unique activities and programs for every age

Did you Know?

  • Starting acadamic year 2019, we are expanding our services and offering Kindergarten classes (LKG and UKG)!! We promise the same care and safety and learning through fun in our Kindergarten classes
  • Our regular working hours is from 8.45 AM till 6.30 PM. 
  • We are a fully air-conditioned facility and under complete CCTV Surveillance
  • We care for babies from 3 months
  • We support breastfeeding moms to feed your infant baby 
  • We prepare your child emotionally and intellectually to start their regular school journey
  • We make sure every child enrolled in after school care program completes his/her daily homework before leaving the centre
  • We provide vacation and weekend programs for school going kids
  • Our play area products are certified for EN71 child safety certification and ASTM Certification as per european child safety regulations
  • Your child's safety, holistic development and hygienic  care is our biggest priority
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