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"Child Care should be governed not by the desire to 'make them learn things', but by the endeavor to keep burning within them the light which is called intelligence." 



Each child is an unique individual. At the same time, children are not miniature adults; instead they think and learn in ways unique to their special time in life. Every child is nurtured physically, psychologically, intellectually and spiritually. KidzCastle provides an environment for children to literally create themselves, experience and learn through all of their senses.  We believe that when a child's activity is purposeful, developmentally appropriate, and, above all, fun, learning is joyful.


Our vision is to impart wholesome experience to your child encompassing physical, mental and social development. We provide neat and safe environment for your child to grow and celebrate his childhood. Our child care methodology is a unique mix of professional and traditional values. Your child will learn to excel in the highly competitive world and at the same time have his/her roots on traditional values. He/She will never miss the folklore stories from grandparents anymore!!

Meet the patrons

Indhu Harikrishnan

Indhu comes from a family which has over 20 years of experience in Child Care. From a young age Indhu has experience assisting her mom run a very successful childcare centre and has a natural affection and genuine care for small kids. A Commerce graduate with corporate experience, she finds her true calling in caring for people, especially children.  As a person, she is soft spoken,meticulous, disciplined and believes that a balance of love and discipline is the right approach for raising kids enabling them to be successful in their future. She is the founder/Principal of KidzCastle, who believes that her daycare can give your child a strong start and foundation to their future academic excellence, while nurturing traditional values to make them good human beings as they grow up.

Dhanalakshmi Padmanabhan

Dhanalakshmi brings to KidzCastle invaluable experience and pure grandmotherly love, a graduate from College for Women, has a rich experience in childcare as she used to own and run a successful childcare centre for more than 15 years. Her students and their parents will vouch for her passion towards childcare. Personally, she has brought up 10+ kids at her joint family home. She has raised 2 very successful daughters , besides Indhu, her elder daughter is an IIM alumunus working for multinational in the US. Dhanalakshmi is also a grandmother and loves and nurtures every kid as her own. She has  a treasure trove of stories that will inculcate values in your kids. She believes that every kid is an angel who will shine with abundant love.

Yamuna S.R

Yamuna is a graduate with 12+ years of teaching experience in one of the well known public schools in the city. She has a passion for teaching young kids and believes that once the foundation is built properly, the path to success is natural. She is a mother herself and has two teenage school going kids. Her hands-on experience as a school teacher and her passion for teaching young kids is invaluable.

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