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Centre Policies and Procedure

Communication and adherence to our policies and proceudre is of utmost importance when a new family is accepted in our child care centre, so that we can share openly about your child's journey

  • School visit: You are most welcome to visit the school with your child to have an informal discussion. This can be done by fixing a prior appointment with the Principal, through mail at / contact +9190 617 617 86 / scheduling a visit online

  • Admission process: Parents may register at any time during the year for admission. Parents seeking admission for their kids will be asked to fill in application form and to return them to the school office. Parents are requested to be frank and honest in providing information in the admission form. Adverse information if any, whether scholastic or behavioral, will not be a ground for refusal of any admission request. Any such information would in fact help the school to create a suitable environment for your child, once admitted. Any wrong information or concealment of information discovered later may lead to cancellation of admission.If you have any questions about the admission process, please contact the Admissions Office at + 9190 617 617 86. Admission will not be granted unless the agreement is executed. Submitting admission form is not a guarantee for admission. At the time of admission, the following documents are to be produced. 1.Birth Certificate 2. Copy of Immunization Card. To complete the admission process, parents need to pay the registration fee to ensure a place for your child. 

  • Working hours: Our normal working hours are from 8:45 AM till 6.30 PM for the daycare Parents should leave their kids between 8:45 AM and 10 AM and should pick them up anytime between 4PM and 6.30 PM. Any change in the pickup or drop plan needs to be informed well in advance. For our Kindergarten classes, the timing is from 9.30 AM to 3.30 PM 


  • Extended Care: Any parent who wish to bring the child earlier than the program schedule should notify us in advance. We will try our level best to accommodate your genuine requests . for extended care. However, this service cannot be guaranteed.

  • Holidays: All Public holidays and Sundays will be observed as holidays. A holiday calendar will be published in advance and this would be strictly followed. For unexpected or unplanned strikes/harthals, we recommend the kids to be kept home for safety reasons.

  • Cleanliness: Children must arrive in time with clean and neat clothes, for infants please provide enough diapers and spare clothes. We would make sure their soiled clothes and diapers are replaced immediately. 


  • Pickup: Our normal procedure is to handover the child only to his\her parents. If someone other than the parent is to pick up the child please notify us in advance and this person’s photo is needed in the application form. This is to ensure safety of your child.


  • Valuables: The child should not bring any valuable or personal items like toys etc from home, we are not responsible for any loss or breakage of personal items and valuables. 


  • Sick Day: Children falling sick is normal, however we should take precautions to avoid spreading of the disease, hence kids with fever, cough, cold and allergies should be kept home and cared for until they are fully recovered. This will be strictly followed.​

  • Personal item supply: Parents of kids enrolled in infant and toddler program must supply the following items:  Diapers, Wipes, Powder, Medicines needed, Feeding bottle, Flannel Towels, Utensils , Dresses, food materials (Raw or cooked).  All personal belongings   should be marked with your child name

  • Parents of kids enrolled in infant and toddler program may choose to provide a set of 12 dress sets for the child for a week which we can reuse after washing. There is no separate fee for washing used clothes. Please note that we will be using a washing machine to wash the dresses and not provide hand washing. Hence, we will not be responsible for any wear and tear of the clothes.

  • Disposable Diapers: We encourage parents to bring disposable diapers for your little ones if they are not potty trained inorder to ensure utmost cleanliness for your child and his/her friends @ school. 

  • Child safety: is of utmost importance to us and hence we will lock the gates after 10.30 AM and the gates will remain locked till 3.30 PM. Parents who want to visit their child during these hours should notify us in advance so that we can let you in.

  • Occasional school visit: Parents/guardians are not allowed beyond the reception area. However, you are free to view/observe your child from the reception area between 9 AM – 10 AM and 3.30 PM – 6.30 PM. This is to ensure utmost cleanliness and safety inside our facility.

  • Breastfeeding: Breastfeeding moms are encouraged to visit the centre for the sole purpose of feeding their infant baby. This facility is allowed only for kids in the infant care program. You should talk to the School Administrator while enrolling your kid if you wish to use this facility. Also, you should choose a convenient time from the set of available times provided to you and strictly follow the time during the program. This is to ensure that we provide privacy to all breastfeeding moms and not have more than one mom using the facility at the same time.

  • Termination: We wouldn’t want to terminate any kid from our kid centre. However, in rare scenarios such as failure to pay fee , consistent late pick up of child, failure of child to adjust to the centre after a reasonable time ,lack of parental cooperation can force us to exercise termination.

  • Communication: All communication will be through in person or through emails. Hence we request you to provide a frequently used email id and a phone number of one of the parents to ensure prompt communication.

  • Emergency: For emergency, we will be contacting via the emergency contact number provided in the application form.

  • Feedback: We welcome both positive and negative feedback. If you have any feedback which you want to bring to our attention, whether on a specific activity/specific faculty, please provide your feedback over email or if anonymous through the feedback form/box kept in the reception area. We are committed to learn from your feedback and comments.

  • Use of pictures: We will be using pictures of child activities and major events and celebrations at our centre in our social page / website. If you wish not to use your child’s picture at our website/social page, please let the administrator know at the time of enrollment.

  • Registration fee: Registration fee at the time of admission will not be refunded beyond a 15 day period.

  • Absence: If you terminate child care service or be absent for more than 30 days in a row, a re-induction fee (50% of registration fee) would be charged if you want to enroll again.

  • Payment of fees: Fee must be paid within 5th of every month. There will be a late fee of Rs.100 for each day of delay thereafter. 

  • Child care fees: is based on enrollment not on attendance. This is to maintain a reserved space. Fee must be paid during the absence of a child due to illness, holiday or vacation or any other reason unless it is 30 days of continuous leave.

  • For more policies for the Kindergarten program, please refer the kindergarten page

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